Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It was time to change the template. Boredom set in, I guess. That's pretty obvious by the lack of posts lately. I updated my reading blog this morning and then read Amanda's blog about when to remove something from your RSS feeds which spurred me to update this one. When I opened it I was completely put off by the template. I mean, really, what was I thinking to have an orange blog?

Speaking of orange, I found some trash on my car this afternoon. Attached to it actually. Can you guess what my reaction was to the Texas Longhorn magnet I found on the rear of my Jeep? Not funny. There are lots of suspects, but I'm not sure who the actual perpetrator is. I'm thinking of putting it back on the car but upside down. That has always been my favorite way to view Hook 'em anyway.

'Tis the season for basketball! By tomorrow night I will have attended three games (one college and two high school) in less than a week. We went to the Ladycats Quarterfinals game Tuesday night in Royse City and will go back to RC tomorrow night for the Wildcats game. The girls had a fabulous season, and I was sorry to see it end Tuesday night. They're a young team, so we're looking for great things from them in the next couple of years. The boys are undefeated since they started district play, so we have high hopes for them. Three of the seniors are library assistants, so we've talked about basketball all season. They're great guys, and I really hope that they go all the way to Austin this year.

The college game I went to was in Denton Saturday night. UNT played the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where one of our graduates is on the team. Sharon and I had a great time watching the game, cheering for Courtney and the Trojans, and visiting with Courtney and his family after the game. A double bonus for me was to see Joe Kleine, an assistant coach for UALR. Joe played for the University of Arkansas several years ago and played professional basketball for a while as well. I met him and had my picture taken with him in Dallas back in 2000 or so when he was playing with the Phoenix Suns.

Wedding plans are moving right along. We've mailed most of our Save the Date magnets, and we're meeting with the caterer Saturday morning. Nat and Brandon are having engagement pictures made next weekend and we're meeting with the wedding planner. We're hoping to get the invitation decision made either this weekend or next weekend. There are so many details still to decide...and pay for! It's going to be a beautiful wedding, and I really can't wait for June 27 to get here. Natalie is going to be a gorgeous bride, and their day is just going to be the absolute best.

I'm so glad we already have Nat's dress and the bridesmaids dresses since I still haven't found my dress. I couldn't deal with the stress of looking for her dress and mine at the same time. I'm getting pretty anxious about it. I shopped all day last Saturday and couldn't find just the right combination. I have a couple of possibilities in mind, but no dress yet. Surely the right dress is out there somewhere. I just have to find it.