Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dark Side

I've officially succumbed to peer the age of 50 no less. I now have a Facebook account. Yep...I've joined the dark side.

Let's just say that so far my Facebook experience has been a lot of fun. I've reconnected with people from college and from Little Rock as well as connected with friends in Paris and friends I've made through TLA. I've even connected with former students and friends of my kids. All of those links were initiated by the kids...not by me. Bottom line is that Facebook really isn't only for college students.

I've learned how to manage my Wall and I've written on friends' walls. I've posted pictures, tagged some and commented on others. I know what "Pieces of Flair" is, and I have given and received some. I've written notes including that wonderful "25 Random Things about Me" and I've added comments to friends' Random Things. I've joined groups, linked to pages, and proclaimed that Chicago and Arkansas are among my favorite places. I've updated my status daily. I've even become a virtual tree-hugger by contributing to the "(Lil) Green Patch." All of this since only last Saturday! Amazing!! I will admit that I've asked for help in private messages with a friend, but I'm getting the hang of this thing. And I already have 41 friends! Of course my total pales in comparison with the hundreds of friends most college students have, but it's a start.

One thing is certain - Facebook is addictive. I'm so glad I can't get to it at school because even when I plan to just sneak a peek to see what's going on, I find myself totally losing track of time. People post so many interesting things about themselves.

So...if you're a Facebook person, look me up and add me as your friend. Send me some Flair and comment on my 25 Random Things. I'll post something on your Wall!


cruisermom said...

....sigh...I'm so proud of you!

Dee Martin said...

Hmmm I love the dark side - we have cookies :)
Facebook is fun - I got totally addicted to MobWars for awhile.

Paula said...

I saw a news story on how young people are accepting "moms invading Facebook"

It was a strange realization that I am no longer a member of the cool, young generation. I'm a member of the moms......As if turning 40 wasn't enough of a slap in the face, the realizations just keep cropping up!